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I am a Board Certified Family law attorney who has been practicing over 40 years and recognized as an Orlando Top Lawyer and Florida Elite Lawyers. Board Certification is the highest level of evaluation which recognizes an attorney’s special knowledge, skills and proficiency in family law, professionalism and ethics in practice. Of the 105,000 lawyers in the State of Florida, only 273 are Board Certified in Marital and Family Law. Since 1992, I have earned the honor of being one.


I have litigated thousands of divorces, post-judgment issues, time-sharing issues, post-nuptial agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, alimony, equitable distribution, child support and attorney fees issues. I have tried hundreds of  cases in the Circuit Courts of Orange, Seminole, Sarasota, Volusia, Lake and Flagler counties.


Family law issues are the most emotionally challenging cases for clients, especially when children are involved.  I have the experience, knowledge and determination to assist my clients in a manner that meets their needs by taking the most effective and least destructive course of action.


I have been a Certified Collaborative Lawyer since 2012.  Collaborative law presents a great opportunity for the parties to resolve all issues while leaving a workable relationship in tact for the parties and their children. Each client has the support, protection and guidance of his or her own lawyer.  Collaborative lawyers are a part of a divorce collaboration team with individuals such as mental health and financial neutrals. 


In collaborative law, the clients have the option of starting their divorce with the professional with whom they feel most comfortable.  Then the clients choose the other neutral professionals they need.  Therefore, the clients benefit throughout collaboration from the assistance and support of all of their chosen professionals. Additionally the process maintains a positive environment for all parties to resolve their dissolution issues in a respectful way. Finally, it allows the parties to avoid costly litigation and the formalities of the Court.




I have been a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator since 1995. I enjoy the process of mediation and helping the parties achieve success in resolving their issues. I have had the privilege of  mediating cases in Orange, Seminole, Lake, Brevard and Volusia County. I have great enthusiasm and energy for the process. I strongly believe in the concept of self determination which allows the parties to take charge of their destiny in the mediation process. Whatever time and energy is necessary to permit the parties to feel that they have been heard and their concerns expressed, is time well spent. Regardless of whether meditation takes 3 hours or 8 hours, most often, at the end of the day, I am energized and grateful for the opportunity to bring the parties in conflict to an amicable resolution.


Mediation is a way for people who are having a dispute to talk about their issues and concerns and to make decisions about the dispute with my help. I am not allowed to decide who is right or wrong or to tell you how to resolve your dispute. I bring my trial experience and knowledge of the law as a board certified marital and family lawyer to the table to assist you in finding creative solutions that the Court can not utilize.  In addition, my experience allows me to see the strengths and weakness of each parties individual case. All communications in mediation remain confidential. My goal at the end of mediation is for the parties to have an agreement which they both “can live with” and enable them to end litigation and move forward with their lives.


My hourly rate is $325.00 per hour and I do not charge for travel time. I also have two fully furnished conference rooms for your comfort and convenience at my office.  I would welcome the opportunity to do your mediations.

In defending criminal cases, experience matters. I have been a criminal defense attorney for over 40 years and am recognized by Martindale Hubbell as “AV” rated (highest rating), and the  Registry of Pre-Eminent Law Firms. I have litigated hundreds of cases and represented accused citizens in jury trials in the County, Circuit and Federal Courts throughout Florida and outside Florida. I have tried cases before a jury in all areas of criminal law including but not limited to DUI Manslaughter, drug trafficking, sexual battery, robbery, aggravated battery, domestic violence, DUI and resisting an officer.


Depending upon the facts, a successful outcome in your case could be a dismissal of the charges or a reduction in the penalties. A poor outcome could lead to jail or prison time, as well as other serious penalties. The experience of your attorney can make a dramatic difference in the way your case is resolved. I have the experience and passion to prepare each and every case for my client understanding that not only your life, but the lives of your family is reliant on the outcome of every criminal case.




About 20 years ago Steve added land use services to his practice due to his extensive experience in real estate and familiarity with local governmental officials. He has handled virtually all aspects of land use, including documentation and hearings seeking future land use map changes, rezoning changes, and related matters for any type of permitted use, in jurisdictions such as Seminole County, Lake Mary and the City of Sanford.


He has obtained entitlements for many residential subdivisions, hotels, industrial parks and mixed use developments in the area. To be successful, these services must be based upon knowledge, experience, and having earned the respect of local government officials based upon years of appearing before them.


Over his 35 plus years of practice, Steve has closed just about every type of real estate transaction spanning throughout the entire State of Florida, the largest being a $35 million dollar industrial bond issue which provided the funding to build the international arrivals terminal at the Orlando Sanford International Airport. All types of services associated with closing a real estate or loan transaction are included, such as contract review, escrow services, title insurance issuance to owners and lenders, legal opinions required by commercial lenders, and due diligence oversight are available.

His assistant of 30 years, Mindy Rinne, has been involved in every real estate transaction and now handles many closings by herself with minimal oversight, allowing for reasonable fees to be passed on to the client. There is no transaction too complicated which the firm cannot close for its’ clients. We also handle a limited amount of mortgage foreclosures, quiet title suits, and landlord tenant cases, although ours is generally not a litigation type practice.

Due to his familiarity with county and city codes and with local government officials, Steve can usually assist clients with a wide range of problems which come up related to real property ownership.


Sometimes a simple consultation at our office will give the client a clear understanding of the issues and possible solutions, which can sometimes be implemented by the client, avoiding costly legal fees.



Our office can provide all types of services and documents relating to corporations and limited liability companies, from inception to winding up. Contract review is available for most types of agreements which will be based upon Florida law, especially if related to real estate, construction, most types of business, and companies.

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